The Nest


Went to Brussels recently. Never liked this town. Rains way too much, people wear too many black suits and buildings are too grey. Also, I am not a hotel type of girl. Copy paste rooms, fake smiles @ reception, noisy little spoons in white cups with terrible coffee in the morning.People in a hurry. Hate it. All of the above make me wanna run and hide under a blanket.

So this time around, I picked a B&B (The Nest). Probably wouldn’t have thought about it, but it was the only thing in my price range. :).

The thing is I loved it there.

The room is quite large, the host (Julie) is amazingly kind (also, she said no way I look like a mom of a 5 years old, so yeah, she had me eating right out of her hand).  I had some tipical „me” problems (like forgetting which one was my room – who the hell does that? well, except me- or being incapable to unlock my own door). Laughed quite a lot tough :).

The place is nicely decorated and the big bathtub would have been enough to make me come back. I took the longest bath while listening to some really good music (wifi signal is excellent). Even danced around a bit, there was nobody else in the house and I felt like it (can only dance when alone, or with Sara, that’s it. my dancing has  nothing in common with what normal people do when they say they dance).

But what I enjoyed most was actually the breakfast.

Room had a view to the street, wooden table, fresh orange juice, honey, bread, meat and really good coffee :). Most important, the only compagnion was my book.

I was already in heaven when Leon stopped in the doorway.

Leon is 2 and a half, has blond hair and beautiful eyes.

I sat down exactly where I was, on my knees, said Hi, then waited. I’d never make the first step with a guy. Especially when he’s still wearing his pijamas.

Took him 0.5 secs to decide he likes me (at least 2.5 years old are still into me, darn, I knew I had it even at 33). Walked towards me and started talking in 2.5 years old French (I can maybe get a bit of French, but only if you’re an adult that speaks reaaally slow). I understood absolutely nothing and for sure Leon did not speak any English.

And yet we communicated perfectly.

Asked him to join me for breakfast.

He agreed and sat down right next to me.

Offered him some honey.

Declined and asked for meat instead.

I said: Wow, Leon, you’re a meat type of guy, I’m a meat type of girl! So we both ate slowly, making casual conversation about things we hate, like his crèche or my job. I think.

He wanted some fresh orange juice, I prepared some. He declared that I’m good at it (little did he know it’s the only cooking I am capable of) and complimented my outfit (T-shirt with smiley face is always a good choice). I distinctively heard „jolie” at least 5 times.

I watched him straight in the eyes and said: Leon, I think I’m in love.

He laughed at me. Oh well, I’ve always been goofy. Good goofy, I hope :).

We were so comfortable together that Julie, Leon’s mother left us and went to feed cute baby Charlene, Leon’s new-born sister.

Unfortunately, I had to leave quite rapidly, but promised Leon I’ll be back next time I’m in Brussels.

So, if travelling to Brussels, never mind fancy hotels with ghost souls. Visit Charlene, Leon and Julie at the Nest :). Don’t fell in love with him tough. He’s mine.

PS. Wrote this is English cause I’ve mentioned to Julie I’m gonna tell here how I’ve met Leon and she wanted the link. Figured out all of you know English so you wouldn’t mind. You don’t, do you? 🙂


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