Alia Palace-Pefkohori, Grecia


Scuze pentru textul in en, dar am scris intai pentru review pe Tripadvisor (din cauza ca m-au enervat) si acum imi e lene sa il traduc 🙂

We stayed at Alia Palace Hotel at the end of August 2010.

Let’s start with the ups, just to be positive:

  1. The view (absolutely gorgeous)
  2. The reception/pool/bar/restaurant area (also because of the view, but overall clean area, nice furniture, fairly sized infinity pool)
  3. Size of rooms and bathrooms
  4. Cleanliness (the sheets and towels were changed daily)

And now the downs:

  1. The location (although the view is excellent, be warned that it is impossible to walk from the beach to the hotel unless you are an professional athlete, the distance is quite big and you are climbing a hill (1 km from the sea to the hotel);  a shuttle bus is available every hour or so (from 9:30 to 6:30 with break between 12:35 and 3:15) so basically you have to make your schedule according to the shuttle bus and pray you get a seated place-almost every time someone had to stand (we only used it 2 days); also, the villas are on a hill and if you are “lucky”, like we were, to stay in villa 4, then you will make quite an exercise from the reception/restaurant to the villa and back –being pregnant in 6 months this was just what the doctor has prescribed me: to walk up and down a hill four times a day)

  1. The noise in some rooms (at the ground floor some rooms are linked to each other by a door so you can perfectly hear  everything what your neighbors say/do/when they shower/when their phone rings/other…activities)
  2. The smell in rooms (at least in at ground floor the smell was awful, I mean you had to stay with the door open at all times to be able to breathe-which proved to be quite a challenge in the middle of the night while living on the ground floor, basically you had to choose, either you wanted to breathe and anyone could come in through the opened door either you closed the door and died of suffocation)
  3. The cleanliness (in the first room we received the wall was wet and falling down on us-please see the pictures to see there is no exaggeration; first we went and told the receptionist  the problems but nothing happened, she just said ok…, then we went again and told her it was unacceptable and demanded to be relocated or at least the wall to be cleaned and also the floor-there was paint on it from the very first moment we arrived, surely no one has cleaned the room properly; the “lady ” at the reception said of course, bla bla, that she will send somebody to clean and the next day we will be relocated; when we returned to the room nothing has happened-the pictures are taken after our discussions; nevertheless, the second day we were moved to a room at the same villa, first floor, no smell and no wall problems, simple but clean; also almost in every room we saw spider nets)

  1. The food ( it was at best ordinary and if you like salads than you might find something to eat, if not, tough luck, try another restaurant; also, at the first night we found an worm in the eggplant salad, we called someone, asked if this was the house specialty and the reply was that it was not a worm-although it looked and felt exactly like an worm, so sorry did not had the camera with me btw-but something from a sunflower???? what did the sunflower had to do with the eggplant was beyond me; also you receive free drinks only in the morning-juice and water, but the juice is impossible to drink, it has an horrible taste)
  2. The Equipment (the smallest TV in the world was present, I could not believe my eyes, I am sure that this sort of equipment is no longer produced)

  1. The staff (no one smiled at any time and one afternoon-it was about 6 pm we were playing monopoly at a table near the pool and the staff came to prepare the tables for dinner-started at 7pm- and they decided to start precisely at our table, by telling us “you have to leave now” which was extremely rude, no “excuse me for bothering you”, no “I’m sorry”, no nothing)

Let me just say that, when we arrived (knowing we tipped the receptionist with 10 euros to get an acceptable room, and see above what we have received. Please do not think (as we first did) that these were the only available rooms, since it was not the case, at least another family came hours after us. Also we have met other guest with the same problems, almost every day someone was at the reception trying to change the room.

Also, before checking in ,we repeatedly tried to confirm the reservation, and when the hotel finally replied it was by a question, namely if we can come in September (starting with 29th of August) instead of August (our trip started on the 23rd) and that we will get something “extra” J.Of course this was not possible, three families to change schedules at the last minute, so I think our refusal might have something to do with the quality of the room we have received.

At Alia Palace the view and the reception area  (and we heard that also the pool villas) deserve 5 stars, but the rooms barely make it at 3. You get the same conditions, maybe even better and cleaner at 3 stars hotels in Greece (also located near the beach and not miles away) at half the price.

However, Greece it’s a wonderful country which I will always come back to with pleasure. The beach at Pefkohori has gorgeous crystal clear turquoise water (which makes you almost forget of the rocky sand and the fact that the water is very deep close to the shore); at a couple of miles away, at Palliouri you also find a beach with smooth sand. In this area of Greece you get sun beds for ordering drinks (4-5 euro an expresso fredo, 3,5-6 euro a small bear).


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